When look back into my Birds of North America, A Golden Field Guide (Copyright 1966), I notice that I started checking off birds in the 70's. Then marriage, kids, career and family became paramount.

It wasn't until 1992, when my friend Steve asked me if I wanted to go birding with him in White Plains that I became obsessed. Now that am mostly retired, I have lots of time to bird in Pelham Bay Park, other NYC parks and more exotic locales around the world.

  My name is Jack Rothman. If you walk around Pelham Bay Park and its environs you might see me. I'm the guy with the binoculars, scope, tripod, camera and field guide, trying to find birds in all kinds of weather, while I fumble with excessive gear. I have lived and worked in this area of the Bronx my entire life and have spent a great deal of time observing and learning about the birds in Pelham Bay Park and elsewhere. I have always felt that this area of the Bronx has been largely neglected by the birding community, hence www.cityislandbirds.com.  I still get excited observing birds and love to meet new people on our walks.

So, what does a guy from the Bronx know about birds?

Not enough, I’m always learning!

Please feel free to contact me concerning this website and any information you can share about birding here.

Contact Me: jack@ cityislandbirds.com

What Does a Guy from the Bronx Know about birds?

That’s me pointing out a bird during a walk.  What else would I be doing?

Kathy Willens/A.P. Photo

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