Bartow Pell Museum/ City Island Birds - Fall Migration Walk

September 27, 2015   

8:30 AM

Today we had a large group of both beginners and expert birders as we traversed the Bartow-Pell Mansion grounds. At 8:30, we assembled for a group photo and people were still coming. Everyone was greeted by a habituated Wild Turkey and then watched as Flickers flew out from several locations. Highlights included a very cooperative Ruby-throated Hummingbird, 200+ Forster’s Terns and a juvenile Bald Eagle fishing in the lagoon. There were Red-tailed and Cooper’s Hawks and perhaps more than 30 Osprey. Warblers were scare until the end when most folks left but we had a few. On our last trail we picked up several new birds including Blue-headed Vireo, Chickadee, Red-eyed Vireo and a Black and White Warbler. Richard hung in the woods a few minutes longer and found a Nashville Warbler and a Northern Parula. Then, as we left, we had both Kinglets in the parking area.

We gathered together at 8:30 to begin, as more birders arrived. We had an eclectic group of both expert and beginning birders.

Two of our youngest birders with their Dads, adorable.

Looking across the lagoon, we might have been watching the Bald Eagle fishing.

The trails were somewhat narrow and we looked for clearings. Maybe it was another Eastern Phoebe we saw in this photo, which were all around.

Why do I look dazed here? Looks like Brendan found something.

Joanne found something good or maybe that’s where it flew out.

I guess everyone found the Towhee.

We stayed focused after trudging along the shoreline through high grass. Here’s another clearing and opportunity for finding birds.

Back on the trail after a spectacular viewing of 200 or so Forester’s Terns, 8 Great-blue herons and lots of Great Egrets.

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