Easter Walk

Hunter Island, Pelham Bay Park

April 24, 2011

8:30 AM

     What was suppossed to be a dreary, rainy and miserable day, was amazingly warm, sunny and beautiful. Spring weather is so unstable and unpredictable. I was really happy we did this walk. We met two new walkers, saw some really nice birds and finally viewed the white fluffy hatchling we’ve been hoping for! Alice, Christine, Andrea and Billy attended the walk.

     We met at Orchard Beach Parking lot and slowly made our way up to Hunter Island. On the way, we stopped for a very cooperative Eastern Towhee. Actually, there were several calling in the park. Northern Flickers were chasing each other high in the trees, we got some close looks as they came down low. High in the trees were the first Yellow Warblers seen this year. It would have been nice to see them a little closer but I was glad to see them return. They nest here and later in the season there will be many.

After watching the freshly hatched owlet, we walked out towards the water and spotted some American Oystercatchers, Brant, and two Horned Grebes in full mating regalia, really fantastic. Back towards the parking lot we searched for more warblers but no luck. We did find some American Goldfinch and a possible Lincoln’s Sparrow.

Species Account

Red-winged Blackbird

Tree Sparrow

Yellow Warbler

Eastern Towhee

American Crow

Red-bellied Woodpecker

American Oystercatcher

Horned Grebe


Mute Swan

Double-crested Cormorant

American Goldfinch

Great Egret

Black Duck

Blue Jay

Mourning Dove

American Robin

Great Horned Owl



Lincoln’s Sparrow

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We only saw one owlet but later on someone saw two!