Florida Birds 2

Snowy Egrets can be found all over. They’re on the sides of the roads, the edges of parking lots and everywhere you wouldn’t imagine them to be. These three were in Ding Darling NWF.

I watched this Anhinga catch and eat this fish. I saw movement in the water and he came up with the fish. He maneuvered it until it he was able to swallow it, head down.

This Wood Stork flew right at me with a fish in his mouth. He then reversed his direction and landed nearby to eat the fish. There birds look prehistoric to me.

This Brown Pelican was just sitting on the beach at Sanibel Island as the sun went down. The birds here seem to be habituated to humans and either stand their ground or move aside a few feet when humans approach.

A Little Blue Heron on Sanibel Island, in a cleaned wastewater pond. There were lots of fish.

This Great Blue Heron was folded in this interesting position. Maybe it was trying to conserve heat.

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