May Migration Birdwalk Results

May 2, 2010

First, the good news about the Osprey nest. I had previously reported that the birds had abandoned the nest. Today, during our walk, we were able to spot Mom sitting very low in the nest. She’s almost impossible to see but we saw her stand and reposition herself, so I imagine she’s sitting on eggs. This will be the third year the birds have nested at this location. It’s amazing that they tolerate all the noisy vehicles, traffic and construction on the ground directly beneath them.

    As always, our group was social and friendly. We began at the parking lot where we spotted a pair of Warbling Vireos. Later on, we spied quiet a few, high in the foliage of a nearby tree. We walked to the opening in the woods alongside the traffic circle and spent a while in the woods. Lots of Yellow Warblers and a beautiful male Baltimore Oriole were the highlights.

   Then we slowly meandered over to the berm at Turtle Cove and lamented the changes that have occurred in that area. We also discussed the changes that will soon occur, which include removal of the berm and the installation of a foot bridge in its place. There are many nesting birds and it’s removal comes at a bad time. We watched a pair of Killdeer, several Greater Yellowlegs and a few Semipalmated Sandpipers.

     We returned to our cars and parked at Bartow-Pell Mansion. There weren’t many birds present, but the gardens were lovely. Our last stop was the NY Central trestle near Split-Rock Golf Course. We watch the nesting Barn Swallows and saw the Osprey in the nest. Finally, we had drinks at the golf house restaurant. This was a very pleasant morning. Update: I just learned that removal of the berm at Turtle Cove most likely won’t begin until late June. That will give our nesting species a chance to fledge.


Our group, left to right: Don, Celia, Steve, Jack, Cathy, Jane, Andrea. Missing is Patty, who took the photo.

Species Account

Warbling Vireo

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Red-winged Blackbird

Common Grackle


Yellow Warbler

Baltimore Oriole

Blue Jay

Great Blue Heron (flyover)


Greater Yellowlegs

Solitary Sandpiper

Double-crested Cormorant (flyover)



Northern Mockingbird

Mourning Dove

American Robin

Carolina Wren (heard)

Tree Swallows

Barn Swallows

American Goldfinch

Turkey Vulture

Red-winged Blackbird eggs in a nest located alongside the berm at Turtle Cove. Photo by Don Gilligan.

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