March 24, 2012 8:30 AM

Pelham Bay Park

L to R: John, Billy, Gerry, Eleanor, Jeff at scope, Elizabeth, Andrea, Debbie w/long lens, Lynn, at end.

Front Row: At scope, Elizabeth, Andrea. Looking through binoculars, Jeff, Eleanor is alongside Jeff.

L to R:  John and Billy with the long lenses.

We began by visiting our first owl in the northern zone of the park. On the way to the owl we spotted, Common Ravens, a Turkey Vulture or two, a Red-tailed Hawk and for most of us, a FOS Osprey. We watched  Mama owl for awhile and then saw a brief fluff pop up for a second, it was an owlet. We didn’t want to stress either Mom or baby, so we watched and left. It was great. On the way back we saw other species as well.

We then drove over to the southern zone and didn’t find the owl in her nest, Instead both the male and female were in a nearby tree giving us incredible views as they flew around the nearby trees. After an incredible show, we checked out the Harriers on the landfill and walked back to our cars by noon, a wonderful way to spend a morning.

Species Account

Great Horned Owl (4)

Northern Harrier (3)

Great Egret (1)

Common Ravens (2)

Osprey (1)

American Goldfinch (30+)

Mourning Doves (4)

Turkey Vulture (3)

Blue Jay (8),

Bufflehead (4),

Mallard (6),

Canada Goose (12)

Red-winged Blackbird (30+)

Tufted Titmouse (2)

Red-tailed Hawks, (6)

Northern Cardinal. (2),

American Crow (6),

Common Grackle (6),

Downy Woodpecker (4),

Red-belied Woodpecker (8)

Song Sparrow (2)

European Starling (2)

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