Survivors, In Spite of the Harassment!

The owls of Pelham Bay Park seem to thrive, in spite of the harassment from people. One expects these owls to be confronted, by Crows, Blue Jays, Red-tailed Hawks and other natural predators. However, both nests have had their share of human aggression. At one nest, dogs have been barking up the trunk, rocks have been thrown and the trunk has been pounded with a stick. At the second nest, a fire was purposefully set in nearby grass. Luckily the nest was not affected. I am unsure if the people who set the fire were aware of the nest. It has been birders who have been chasing human aggressors and protecting these owls whenever possible. The Parks Department has been notified but with limited funds for policing, there isn’t much they can do. See the photo on the bottom left of the webpage.

Both nests have been successful, thanks to constant visitations from a very small but persistent bunch of local concerned birders.

Great Horned Owls of Pelham Bay Park  April 2012

This photo was taken on April 11. There are three owls in this photo, look carefully.

This is the same owl as above, except it has ventured out of the nest. Note the less mature owlet in the corner or the tree cavity. Photo was taken on April 14.

Here’s Mom and chick snuggled in close, from a different nest in the park. Mom seems to be spending less time in the nest, as it is getting crowded.

This owlet is from a second nest in the park. You can see it is more immature. There is only one owlet in this nest.

This is the fire set near the owl’s nest. Luckily, there were paths along the perimeter of the grass that acted as fire breaks, containing the fire.

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