Orchard Beach Puddle Walk    August 19, 2017   9:00AM- 12:00PM

This was the first ever Orchard Beach Puddle Walk. In the past two week we found that shorebirds have been landing in the puddles in the Orchard Beach Parking lot. We observed them foraging and wondered what could they be eating on asphalt that was dry only a few hours before it rained. The birds came at high tide, when the mud flats nearby were swamped by the tide. The puddles gave us great opportunity to get close to the birds and observe them. It also gave photographers an incredible opportunity to get very close to the birds. I decided a walk was in order. Shorebirds are unique and this was a rare opportunity for everyone to see them up close. About 20 of us walked from Rodman’s Neck to the beach parking lot. We met the rest of our group who joined us at the puddles. Many of us stayed for quite a while observing. As usual, we had a terrific friendly group.

A beautiful Short-billed Dowitcher and Lesser Yellowlegs, both photographed that morning by Gerry McGee.

Brendan and John “chillin” after identifying all the puddle peeps.

We stopped over at Turtle Cove. There were lots of swallows to identify.

Photographers take advantage of close birds, good light and relative comfort!

We all made friends that morning!

Vicki is always smiling! I don’t know the birder to the left, but getting into the shade is always a good idea.

Jeff is wearing headphones while he birds, listening to bird calls, of course.

When the birding gets slow, there’s always iPhone photos.

Noa and Myra, overwhelmed by the amazing birds, take a break.

Jared and the cutest birder in training, Magnolia!

Species Account

Osprey (4 )

Chimney Swift (25)

Red-tailed Hawk (2)

Barn Swallows (several)

Cliff Swallow (3)

Mallard (4)

Snowy Egret (approximately 25 at Turtle Cove)

Great Egret (4)

Green Heron

Common Tern (2)

Forester’s Tern (1)

Semipalmated Sandpiper (20 or so)

Least Sandpiper (perhaps 5)

Short-billed Dowitcher (3)

Lesser Yellowlegs (1)

Broad-winged Hawk (2)

Peregrine Falcon (2)

Laughing Gull (12)

Canada Goose (12)

Chipping Sparrow (3)

Eastern Kingbird (2)

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