Sunset Cruise

June 27, 2010

5:00 PM- 8:00 PM

On June 27 we ventured off City Island and Pelham Bay Park for faraway and exotic Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn.

Here we boarded the good ship, “Golden Sunshine,” for a three hour cruise. Thankfully, this three hour cruise didn’t end up on “Gilligan’s Island.” This excursion was sponsored by the Littoral Society of NY, administered by Don Riepe, naturalist and former manager of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Both Don and Mickey Cohen narrated for three hours, as we moved through the inlets and along the marches of Jamaica Bay. Wine, cheese, fruit and drinks were provided but the fun was cruising through the water on a very warm early summer evening and being together. Highlights for me included some very close looks at a Peregrine Falcon, Black Skimmers, Egrets, Osprey, various Terns and Herons. Others were enthralled by the opening bridge, fantastic scenery, history and biology narration and the cool delightful breeze. We were well represented, as 17 of us enjoyed the trip. For a few of us, this was a reunion of sorts, as a few of us met folks we hadn’t seen in years and never expected to see again. Here they were on the cruise!

That’s Con, waving to me as I stood on board. Next to Con is Andrea and Patty, whose face is somewhat obscured by someone’s cap, and Celia, also waving. It was really hot waiting on line but everyone was happy to be here.

This is the “Golden Sunshine.” After greeting one another, we spread out around the ship. The crew was friendly as were other passengers

Ira came aboard with his photo equipment. He was anxious for that perfect shot. Did he get it?

Fran and Bill pose on the upper deck. They didn’t stay there long, as Fran was out photographing the scenery, while Bill enjoyed the cool breezes on this hot night.

Dick and Mary pose outside on the stern, where it was absolutely gorgeous. From that spot we had a great look at an Osprey clutching a fish in its talons.

There were 10 conversations going on at once when we first all met on the boat. Matt and Julia didn’t know which way to turn.

Since Patty and Con had been on this trip before, they made the suggestion for us to go. They get the credit for this fun evening.

Bill, Celia and Andrea wave for the camera.

That’s Con on the bow enjoying the view.

That’s Fran, Jane and Carol enjoying the view and having fun.

JoAnne is looking out at the passing marshes, birds and interesting scenery.

I loved this, as did everyone else. The bridge rotated while we waited. For those of us landlubbers, it was kind of exciting. 

This Peregrine Falcon was under one of the bridges we passed. He was pretty high up. Photo by Ira Weinberg.

Early on, when the boat began its cruise, everyone spread out. Toward the end of the excursion, we found Judy, who looked as if she enjoyed the ride too.

Jane, Julia and Matt relax toward the end of the trip.