Three Club Bird Walk

August 24, 2013

8:30 AM- 2:00 PM

A glorious sunny day for a walk!

     Walkers from City Island Birds, Saw Mill River Audubon and Debbie Becker’s New York Botanical Garden group comprised our walkers. This was a large group. I was able to write down 30 names but I think I missed a few.The weather was great, cool, sunny and breezy. We parked at Rodman’s Neck and after assembling, ambled down to Turtle Cove where our long line of birders began finding birds. After searching the Turtle Cove vicinity we birded all the way down to the end of the boardwalk of Orchard beach and climbed to the rocks to see the shoreline. 

     Interestingly and logically, people standing at the beginning of our large group saw different birds than the people at the end or at the middle. The American Redstart that everyone at the beginning of the group saw, was missed by the folks standing at the rear. The Clapper Rail that was seen by the birders at the rear of the group was missed by many at the front. We quit at about 2PM, tired but satisfied that we had seen so many species. Richard Aracil did a wonderful job counting and tallying the species and numbers, not an easy task with a group of this size. The wonderful photos were taken by my wife, Jane Rothman.  For Species account Link here

Assembling at Rodman’s Neck parking area. Lot’s of new people we never met. It was a large group.

The first stop was the water opposite Turtle Cove wetland. A few peeps and an Osprey.

Scoping Turtle Cove from the road. A few peeps and an Egret were readily seen.

Looking at a Redstart, an Oriole and more on the trail over the metal bridge

More scoping and finally some sitting as we approached the beach.

We finally made it to the rocks at the end of Twin Island off the boardwalk.

Some more peeps off the rocks and lots of peeps in the parking lot puddles!

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Alongside the boardwalk sparrows are lurking.

Where is that bird?