Birds, Deer, Voodoo Dolls, Santaria....

Always Something Interesting on Our Walks

Many photos were taken, but not everyone who came on our walks is included. Some of the old photos were lost when I changed my computer and webpage provider. I’ve tried to identify as many people as I could but I might have made some mistakes. It’s all been fun and we will keep on going when the weather moderates.

On one of our first walks, Pete picked up a home made doll with pins stuck through it. It sure looked like voodoo. Pete put it in his pack to bring it home. When he got home, it was gone.

Looks like there was more than one bird here. People close by and further back have found something.

In the southern zone , L to R: Jerry, Eleanor, Joe, Bill, Jack, Cathy, Richard, Don.

That’s John and Hilary looking for the Golden-crowned Kinglet. This was taken on Hunter Island recently.

Here we are looking at an owl. It was a dreary, foggy day but we found two owls and a bunch of other species as well.

Newly minted Great Horned Owls always draw a crowd. It was a nice day and the owls were right out there for lots of great photos and looks.

L to R: Patty, Celia, Al, Andrea, Patty.

L to R: Patty, Celia, Cathy, Elizabeth, Lou, Oliver, Jack, Don, Eamon

  John, with the long lens.

Dave watching a Broad-winged Hawk in The Meadows, not far from the beach.

We hiked up to Split-Rock to look for birds and see the famous rock in person. That’s Lou, Andrea and Jack.

On Hunter Island: John, Billy, Jerry, Eleanor, Jeff at scope, Andrea, Eleanor, Elizabeth and someone I can’t see.

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