That’s Oliver checking out some ducks in the southern zone on our 2011 Winter walk.

L to R: Patty, Celia, Cathy, Elizabeth, Lou, Jack, Oliver, Don, Eamon.

Billy Spink took the photo. November, 2009.

Here we are at the start, in the Rodman’s Neck Parking lot. L to R: Maggie, Jennifer, Eleanor, Jerry, Danny, Pete, Joe, Don, Saul, Irene.

Not Shown: John and Jack. May 2012.

I call it the washout walk- we went out for owls and seals and found none, ha! L to R: Pete, Michael, Cathy, Elizabeth, Rio, John, Aihua, Eamon, Billy, Benjamin, baby Maya and Rie, Riki,  Bing and David. Missing: Lou and Jack. December, 2009.

November 2011, our Raptor and Waterfowl Walk. L to R: first row: Cathy, Andrea, Celia, Pete, Oliver.

Second row: Billy, Al and Jane. Not shown, Jack.

Don, Celia, Steve, Jack, Cathy, Jane and Andrea , May Migration Walk, 2010. Billy took the photo.

Billy and Michael in December, 2009. We went looking for Owls and Seals.

Our Sunset Cruise, Dick and Mary on the left and Patty on the right. We didn’t see many birds but it was lots of fun! June, 2010.

Almost Election Day Walk, November 2008. L to R: Celia, Jane, George, ?, Christine, Andrew, Cathy, Pete, Richard, Aihua.

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Here’s Danny at Turtle Cove.

L to R: Pete, Celia, Cathy, George, Jeff.

This was years ago. L to R: Billy, George, ?, Jack, Pete. I don’t know who took the photo.

Front Row: At scope, Elizabeth, Andrea. Back row: Jeff and Eleanor.

Out to the small island off Hunter Island.

More photos.....

I love this photo, taken by Hilary Russ. It happened on the Bronx/Brooklyn Walk. I guess there were birds everywhere.