Tidectomy and only started movin parts of my face a month ago. I also had 6 weeks of radiotherapy- i was not fully prepared for that. next day delivery viagra First 3 weeks were bearable and the pain was managed through some mild painkillers. Next stage was a bit more tricky.. I had complete loss of taste, loss of hearing in my left ear, horrible ulcers and burns inside left cheek, left side of tongue and throat and loss of hair around ear and neck. can you buy viagra without a rx I was in a lot of pain (had to be given morphine) but i managed somehow to push through without having a feed tube inserted (eat,eat,eat, and drink, drink, drink is a very good advice trust me on this)although i have met someone who was less lucky..... I finished my radiotherapy mid jan 2010. I have now returned to work (on a part time basis) and am slowly getting my life back. Do not be put off by slightly longer recovery periods... At the end of the day do this right and you will then have the rest of your life to do everything you ever wanted...... Do not push yourself and honestly take it easy... buy cheap viagra No stress (during the treatments at least) and lots of love and care from friends and family is a must... I was really lucky to have my parents and my friends there with me through all this.... My friend even gave up on everything i couldnt do so i wouldnt feel left out..... buyviagrajdf.com Good news is that this is low grade cancer and the prognosis is very good once surgery and radiotherapy have been done.... I hope this helps you a bit more and i wish you strength and love and see you on the other side..... Login or register to post comments hondo posts: 4900 joined: apr 2009 thu, 03/25/2010 - 1:57am hi mm would just like to welcome you here to csn, great post and glad to hear you have passed through the fire and doing well. generic viagra All the best to you login or register to post comments lleslie posts: 2 joined: sep 2009 thu, 06/17/2010 - 12:53pm acincic cell carcinoma hi morgan, i felt horrible to hear of your diagnosis especially at such a young age. I was diagnosed with a parotid tumor in 2009. purchase viagra online cheap I am 46 and was 45 at the time of my diagnosis. I had to wait a few months before my surgery because i was diagnosed hyperthyroid in january of 2009. generic viagra canada My thyroid needed to be regulated before i would be cleared for surgery. My biopsy was benign so it was a shock to get my final pathology that said there was a slight malignancy. viagra from canada My surgeon said he would have taken more tissue if he knew he was dealing with cancer. It was a 9mm tumor. He sent me to an oncologist, a radiologist and a head and neck cancer specialist at emory in atlanta. They all said my margins were clear so there was no need for more surgery or radiation. A head and chest ct was done following my diagnosis and it was clear as well. The head and neck doc saw me every 6 weeks at first and now every eight weeks. I am nine months. viagra patient instructions purchase viagra online cheap