Disease, such diabetic retinopathy and best's disease; and injury to the eye. viagra without a doctor prescription What are the symptoms of a macular hole? age limit use viagra Macular holes often begin gradually. In the early stage of a macular hole, people may notice a slight distortion or blurriness in their straight-ahead vision. buy super active viagra Straight lines or objects can begin to look bent or wavy. viagra without a doctor prescription Reading and performing other routine tasks with the affected eye become difficult. Are there different types of a macular hole? age limit use viagra Yes. There are three stages to a macular hole: foveal detachments (stage i). generic viagra mint soft tabs Without treatment, about half of stage i macular holes will progress. Partial-thickness holes (stage ii). Without treatment, about 70 percent of stage ii macular holes will progress. Full-thickness holes (stage iii). viagra time magazine The size of the hole and its location on the retina determine how much it will affect a person's vision. generic viagra for sale in usa When a stage iii macular hole develops, most central and detailed vision can be lost. Where to buy generic viagra If left untreated, a macular hole can lead to a detached retina, a sight-threatening condition that should receive immediate medical attention. original viagra online bestellen How is a macular hole treated? viagra online in the united states Although some macular holes can seal themselves and require no treatment, surgery is necessary in many cases to help improve vision. In this surgical procedure--called a vitrectomy--the vitreous gel is removed to prevent it from pulling on the retina and replaced with a bubble containing a mixture of air and gas. take viagra super active The bubble acts as an internal, temporary bandage that holds the edge of the macular hole in place as it heals. age limit use viagra Surgery is performed under local anesthesia and often on an out-patient basis. Viagra online australia net Following surgery, patients must remain in a face-down position, normally for a day or two but sometimes for as long as two-to-three weeks. viagra cheapest online This position allows the bubble to press against the macula and be gradually reabsorbed by the eye, sealing the hole. viagra xanax mix As the bubble is reabsorbed, the vitreous cavity refills with natural eye fluids. Maintaining a face-down position is crucial to the success of the surgery. generic viagra sales Because this position can be difficult for many people, it is important to discuss this with your doctor before surgery. viagra sale uk What are the risks of surgery? The most common risk following macular hole surgery is an increase in the rate of cataract development. generic viagra mg pills In most patients, a cataract can progress rapidly, and often becomes severe enough to require removal. cheap viagra online canadian pharmacy Other less common complications include infection and retinal detachment either during surgery or afterward, both of which can be i. does mens viagra work women