Skip navigation teenshealth from nemours for parents for kids for teens teens home body mind sexual health food & fitness diseases &conditions infections q&a school & jobs drugs & alcohol staying safe recipes en español making a change - use this tool to play your goals. mixing viagra with alcohol Hot topics road tripping how much food should i eat? Dynamic stretching (video) babysitting: pool safety tips for surviving summer break does swallowing gum cause intestinal problems? generic viagra online Kidshealth> teens> q&a> health conditions & illnesses> does swallowing gum cause intestinal problems? Print a a a text size   what happens if you swallow gum? Does it cause intestinal problems? - dave* almost everyone has swallowed a piece of gum at some point. But very few people ever have problems because of it. Chewing gum is made up of the gum itself (called the gum base), preservatives, flavorings, and sweeteners. The human body is unable to digest the gum base. what's bathtubs viagra ads But swallowed gum does not stay in the stomach or cause intestinal problems. That's because our bodies move most materials that can't be digested (like gum) through the digestive system and out of our bodies in a bowel movement. what's bathtubs viagra ads In rare cases, swallowing a large mass of gum, or many small pieces of gum over a short period of time, can block the digestive tract. Blockages in the digestive system are more likely to happen when gum is swallowed along with other indigestible things (like sunflower seed shells). what's bathtubs viagra ads Although people cannot digest the gum base, they can digest the things that have been added to chewing gum, such as sweeteners or even medications (think of the nicotine gum used by people trying to quit smoking). cheap viagra The body absorbs these just through the act of chewing. So chewing gum can affect a person's health: when a person chews a lot of sugary gum, the calories can add up. Reviewed by: larissa hirsch, md date reviewed: may 2009 although we can't reply personally, you may see your question posted to this page in the future. generic date for viagra If you're looking for medical advice, a diagnosis, or treatment, consult your doctor or other qualified medical professional. If this is an emergency, contact emergency services in your area. buy cheap viagra For teens for kids for parents more on this topic digestive system contact us print additional resources send to a friend reprint guidelines share this pa. buy viagra brand name viagra online