Those Difficult LBJ’s

(Little Brown Jobs aka Sparrows)

They’re back, lots of them. As you walk the paths around the park, they fly to higher ground. Several species are here and they are really nice to look at with binoculars. They’re tricky to identify and every fall I review the sparrow pages in my field guide. Try the quiz below. All these sparrows are seen in Pelham Bay Park and the photos were taken here. Here’s a bunch for now, there are more coming on the next page with a link to answers.

#1 This handsome fellow is not often seen here. When here, he frequents the tall grass near the water.

#2 This Sparrow is here most of the winter and is very common. It’s one of the easiest to identify.

#4 His name is the same as one of our most favorite presidents. He’s not often seen here.

#3 This reddish sparrow is also seen here in the winter. One of my favorites.

#5 The top of his head is a giveaway and makes for an easy identification. This guy is only seen during migration and is common in western states.

#7 His reddish cap helps identify this bird, photographed in the southern zone one winter.

#8 Usually found not far from water, this bird has blurry streaks on his breast, a white throat and a rufous back.

#9 This sparrow is distinctive. Too bad its yellow lores are not always there. The large bill and strong reddish streaks on its breast helps in the ID.

#6 This sparrow is here most of the year and is common. The dark spot on his chest helps to identify her.