The Fall Migration is Continuing!

Let's Bird!

We still have late arriving warblers in the park. There are lots of Palm Warblers and Yellow-rumped Warblers around. Other warblers are here too, but not in large numbers. Right now I'm on the lookout for sparrows. Last week there were sparrows flying in every direction and I began seeing some interesting species that I would like to photograph. Of course they are skittish, so I try to observe and photograph quietly and slowly. I'm out in the park most mornings and park in the Orchard Beach lot. If you see me, please stop by and say hello. Don't be surprised if I don't recognize you with your mask on.

Pelham Bay Park seemed to have attracted quite a few Northern Parulas this fall. I think this was one of the best fall migrations for our area in quite a while.

This is the Black-throated Green Warbler that was enjoying the insects in the unopened blossoms of our backyard Roses Sharon bush.

This is the Blackpoll Warbler that hung around my backyard for a couple of days this fall.

In the second week of October 2020, City Island seemed to be on the migration path. This Magnolia Warbler hung around for a couple of days in my backyard tree. We also had a Black-throated Green, Blackpoll Warbler and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

A Ruby -crowned Kinglet in October. They are seen this time of the year. Golden-crowned Kinglets will follow. Non-birders seem to mistake them for hummingbirds because of the way they flit around foliage, looking for insects.

American Goldfinches are all around the grassy areas of the park eating seed. Notice how they are molting into their Fall and Winter plumage.

This is "Mile- A -Minute." It is a horrible invasive species that grows over everything and has invaded Hunter Island.

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The current administration proposed to abolish critical protections for birds. US District Court Judge Valerie Caproni ruled in favor of birds and disallowed the abolishment or the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This was a great relief to many of us. The abolishment of the MBTA would have allowed the decimation of bird populations without recourse.

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City Island Birds was created in 2007 to bring birders, and would be birders, to the park. Everyone has always been welcomed. Our walks are always friendly, non-competitive and fun. We all love to see great birds, but without each other, it's never as enjoyable.

An American Pipit at Orchard Beach last year. A broken pipe made a large puddle that attracted many American Pipits. They are likely around here now but not so easy to find. They are easily seen in the NW corner of the parade grounds at Van Cortlandt Park.

Finally, A Win for Birds

Everyone Will Always Be Welcomed

                      What Sparrow Is It?

It's sparrow time. They're here and they can be confusing. Yes, you looked in the book and studied them, but somehow you don't recognize them in the field. That's pretty normal. Looking in a book doesn't compare to doing it in the field. However, you need to start somewhere. If you go onto Amazon, you can find "Sparrows and Finches of the Great lakes Region and Eastern North America" by Chris G. Early for about $5, used. This reference makes sparrows a bit easier. In the meantime, try my sparrow quiz,

          Name the LBG (Little Brown Job)

Many sparrows have arrived in our park, like this beautiful Savannah Sparrow.

Our Invasive Plant Species Problem

Pelham Bay Park, like other city parks, has invasive plant species taking over in many areas. Native plants are being overtaken by invasive species that grow faster. Native plants are conducive to a healthy forest and support wildlife. The NYC Parks Department has been trying to eradicate invasive species but it is costly and labor intensive. In the photo further down on this page, is a very destructive invasive that is ruining vast areas of Hunter Island.

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